Head: big bear with epoxy hat
chest: action pilot
crotch? with star wars fodder

custom made gun and not sure where i got the meat cleaver, but i think it fits him well.

The year is 1987 and Gi joe is at a pivitol point on the war against Cobra. The venoumous fangs of cobra have effected all the world and the rise of Cobra commander has threatned all of humanity. To make matters worse, Gi joe intel discovered Cobra is on the front lines of creating a new device that could ultiomatly change all of mankind.

Cobras research and development sector headed up by Doctor Mindbender has uncovered the secret to time travel, and has created a machine capable of warping anywhere in time. With the constant threat of GI joe stopping his every plan, his first order of business is to go back and make sure the Gi joe force was never created.

( In 1944 The united states was at the breaking point during World War 2. German occupied Countries under the control of Hitler were strong and becoming a greater threat. The US government Formed a top secret covert team of some of the greatest soldiers from all backgrounds. The force was called "GI JOE" . They carried out several top secret missions in Germany during 1945 and ultimatly played a major roll in the fall of Nazi third Reich. After the War, the covert team grew and over the generations became the worlds number one force for defending freedom. )

Cobra Commander does not waste anytime and immediatly starts to travel to the past with his top advisors to try to alter history. His ultimate plan is to stop the Gi joe force from ever being created. In his Greed for power he also has made plans to overthrow Hitler and Take control of the Nazi army.

After some time, the Commander suceeds in seizing power of the german forces. He is now supreme chancellor of the third reich and to make matters worse he has intergrated all of the Nazi doctors and scientist in his ranks. In one of the most abominable acts , Doctor Mindbender has introduced Compound Z formula to his new team of scientist. This is the same formula that has been known to bring people back from the dead. There first subject is none other than Adolph Hitler himself. They succeed in the "Rebirth" of Hitler, However he now is a slave under Cobra Supreme Chancellors control. They managed to salvage his head and programed him into a deisel powered death machine.

German soldiers, both alive and dead were also injected with compound Z in a effort to fully control Cobras new Army.

Top advisor to Commander, Destro and his wife the Baroness began to see how ruthless and barbaric their leader was becoming. They realize this will change Humanity and the future forever if they dont do something. In a desperate effort they try to assasinate CObra supreme chancellor by incenerating him. However there efforts fail, and Destro was captured and his fate is now the same of Hitler and other german soldiers.

The Baroness however was able to escape and time traveled back to 1987. In a desperate plea she made peace with the Gi joe force and informed them on Cobra Commanders terrible plan. Being that there is only 2 time travel teleporters they realize they must go back to 1945 and stop Cobra Commander from succeding in his plan.

The Gi joes send some of the best of the best including, General Hawk, Ace, Grunt, Lifeline and Roadblock, along with the Baroness. They were sucesful in transpoting back to 1945. However things are worse than they thought and they must Destroy The commander and everything that is under his power. They arrive at a bombed out train station to find that The Cobra Supreme Chancellor and his army is on a all out assault trying to gain access to transporter. The Joes must hold the evil forces off and kill the commander before transporting back to 1987 , where they than can destroy the teleporter and end both Cobra and the evil that is to come.

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