Kelly head: ROC James McCullen (starwarsgeek cast)
Kelly hands: Star Wars- Phantom Menace Palpatine
Kelly feet: 25A Blowtorch
Kelly all else: 25A Comic Pack Shipwreck

King entire figure: Playmobil- Wolf


The canine team for the cancelled Eagle Force wave, Kelly & King would have been in stores a year before Mutt & Junkyard.


The Paul Kirchner design featured Kelly in fatigues with tall boots. Here I've gone with a form-fitting long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve top, and un-bloused pant legs over shoes. Most of my EF figures have featured tall boots. The Shipwreck body was a good generic body featuring shoes instead of tall boots.

Colors & Paints:

Instead of metallic gold like Mego's figures, my EF customs use a three color camouflage that has a gold vibe to it. I've switched over to sponge painting the camo instead of meticulously drawing the areas and then filling them by brush. Sponge painting lacks a simplicity that works well with the EF characters. But it's so much faster that it helps me move through them.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Christopher Eccelston Destro head is a great likeness, so I had to change it up a bit. I moved the hairline forward, adding a wave of hair across the forehead.

About King:

King is a repainted Playmobil wolf. I think Playmobil it also used it as a dog, though. It doesn't quite look like a standard German Shepherd, but that's fine. Using a Joe dog wouldn't work. Order is already a German Shepherd and repainting a Timber might have looked too wild. The underside cavity is epoxy-filled.

Thanks for looking.

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