Avacs Lab Tom Head-sculpt
Body 50TH Anniversary DUKE
Jacket 50th Gung-Ho
Custom Holster
Marauder John Sawed Off 12 Gauge

Dog - World Peacekeepers

I always wanted a Mad Max figure in 1/18 scale. After I purchased the Greenlight Interceptor last year I knew I had to get cracking. I originally intended to make the Max from the end of Fury Road with the combat vest. I even ordered a bunch of pouches and the camel-back backpack from Marauder John to make it that way. But I noticed that in every scene his leather jacket was clearly visible under the vest. In the end it was non-starter putting a vest on top of a jacket in this scale. Way too bulky. At least at my skill set. Then I figured the jacket was more associated with Mad Max anyway so I that's why you have a "Tom" head on the "Mel" character outfit. I am very happy with the end result. Also I was able to take a very thin pen and write the following on his back.

Day 12045 - ht 10 hands - 180 pounds
No Name
No lumps No Bumps Full life Clear
Two good eyes No Busted limbs
Piss OK Genitals intact
Multiple Scars Heals fast
Lone Road Warrior Rundown
on the Powder Lakes V8
No guzzoline No supplies
Keep Muzzled

Sorry I forgot to take that photo.....

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