Heads, weapons: One ARAH Tomax, one ARAH Xamot
Chest/back: DCIH- The Question
Arms: 25A Ace
Hands: 1 pair of Star Wars- Emperor Palpatine
Waist, legs, 1 pair of hands: IJ- Belloq


Hasbro crapped out Tomax and Xamot in Headman's suit in the ARAH format. It was a half-hearted effort that didn't portray the twins in proper suits. Suits work much better for the characters than their circus outfits ever have, at least for day-to-day uniforms.

Modern suits in 1:18 scale are pretty hit and miss. Men in Black III had a suit body that just looks off. Hasbro had given us the ROC Destro/Professor X body, which are expensive and spindly. That was a decade ago, with a better one never released. There was a pretty decent Speed Racer figure in a suit, but the body is short and chunky.

DCIH had a suited body, too, which it used for The Question and Lex Luthor. Stumpy arms and strange legs didn't help it, and it offered zero flex for the legs at the "skirt" portion of the jacket. But the torso part looked good.

Several years ago I made Secret Service detail agents, but they were a mess. I made a cast of the DCIH suit body as a starting point, adding casts of some Star Wars arms and Indiana Jones legs. It didn't look right. Here I gave up the idea of making a generic cast set, instead using real parts to create a suit body. It took several years to finally find the right parts. The most surprising were the short Ace arms, which amazingly work with the chest/back.

The bodies, except for the hands, are identical. To give Tomax and Xamot a "reflection" quality, Tomax has an dramatically opened left hand and Xamot has a dramatically opened right hand.

The parts create a good suit, although the legs don't move too much and lack knee articulation. But for a 1:18 scale quasi-statue with articulated arms, it's pretty solid. On my next suited figure, I'll likely mix in some different legs, mostly to not repeat the entire body.

I almost went with Star Trek The Motionless Picture Kirk heads, which would have had resculpted hair waves. But the using the "real" heads gave the suit bodies more credibility as being Tomax & Xamot.

Colors & Paints:

The Sunbow blue blazer over grey slacks design doesn't work for these two ruthless monsters. It's too polite. These suits are black with pink shirts and (of course) crimson red ties. Much more sinister. Like something Satan would wear.

ARAH heads, especially the ones before '89, don't really have ears. The twins here sure don't. Normally, I fudge it a bit and paint in ear details. For these figures, though, I stayed as close to the original figures as possible on the heads and fought the urge.

Sculpting & modifying:

The heads were chopped from the ball joint to be glued onto the neck stump. The arms actually fit into the arm sockets, but required micro o-rings to create some friction. The hands were chopped down and glued into place. The Belloq waist was cut at the beltline and glued into place.

The triggers and trigger guards were removed from the pistols to better fit in the hands.

Thanks for looking.

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