All parts - Wilma Deering (Mego Buck Rogers line)

A while back I did some customs based on the prototype Cobra soldier and officer figures which appeared in an early Joe catalogue, which were made out of Mego figures from a few years earlier. I included an original creation - a Cobra Commander made of a figure from the Buck Rogers line, how he might have appeared as a prototype figure. Upon seeing this set, someone suggested that I should use a Wilma Deering figure (from Buck Rogers) to make a prototype Baroness. Even though she was not in the original figure lineup, she was a prominent character from issue #1 of the comic, so it's appropriate to include her with the originals. I think of the resulting figure as if Erin Gray was cast in the pilot for a GI Joe TV series, and they got her to play the role like a stern librarian, but then recast the role when it went to series after they decided an Eastern European dominatrix would make for better ratings.

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