head - stormshadow v1
body - firefly v1
hands - cobracommander v2
stomach plate made from ccv2 skirt
helmet - sigma strike duke with part of lock down helmet and straps from iron grenadier for goggles
flame thrower sigma strike duke blaster with back pack removed

MegaMarine Blastoff

Once a weakness was exposed in the mutation matrix of the Lunar Terrordrome's Bio Battle Beasts it was time to assemble a strike team. Blastoff was sourced for several reasons, a battle trooper with a sever dislike of bugs beasts and aliens from pop culture movies and skilled with flame propellant weapons. He's not fond of the Bio-armor says it smells "like old playdough and feet..." so he is more than willing to be a distraction for the infiltration team once the time comes.

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