body and head, back pack and rifle - toxic zartan hood removed
helmet - lt stone cobra disguise
forearms - high tech
hand right - arctic snake eyes
hand left - snake eyes v1

The translation of his file card I found said he is a brilliant chemist, able to figure out the right chemical to break down just about anything, and obsessed with making sure his containment suit is intact.
my spin on him is that in combat with Eco-Force he was trapped in an overturned septic tank and all of the chemicals flooded the cockpit, his suit was compromised and he has been using all of his efforts to cure himself as well as destroy Eco-Force. to survive he has created a cocktail made from Cesspool's raw eco-sludge, and Cobra's Z-Compound to keep his organs animated and preserved as well as Headman's original Spark formula to hold back the necrotic effects.

This project sprung up from a figure I got from Monte Williams, a toxic zartan with hitech forearms, an arctic se hand and a v1 se hand. from there I liked the toxic fade without the clear parts, thinking and digging into the obscure I found Corrosao the Brazillian exclusive Eco-warriors repaint of DeeJay done anglo and his green bio damage turned deep purple.

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