Ruckus - Jungle Recon
based on 93 Battle Corps Leatherneck
character inspired by early Action Figure Therapy "Jungle Recon"
previously codenames unsuitable for report...really who would submit? ****-***, ***-***-***, *******, ******* *****, ***** * *****, Sex Tourist, *****-**-***-*****

head - flint
torso - long range
forearms, hands , knife, sheath lower legs - spirit
hat, rifle - at recondo
belt - iron grenadier

GI Joe Headquarters - Admin. Division
0900 hours
Col. Courage - Council Report

Col. Courage: Enter, Have a seat you two.
Shockblast: I don't know what he did this time...
Col. Courage: This concerns both of you.
****-***:Heh, Is this abou-
Col. Courage: I'm going to stop you RIGHT there before you incriminate yourself... YOU two have been an endless surplus of on and off post reports. Managing to get yourselves booted from on base housing, the dorms, the PX, the BX, the commissary, shifts a-e at the mess hall. Restraining orders from Applebees, Wafflehouse, BestBuy and now Toys R Us?!?
****-***: Now wait that last one.
Col. Courage: DO NOT try to make excuses when you are still wearing half of the missing Costume in question.
Shockblast: I was gonna ask if those where new.
Col. Courage: You started a fight in a Best Buy. Over what?
Shock: this "tapout" douc-
Col. Courage: That was rhetorical... you two where going to be shipped off to the Slaughterhouse, BUT Sarge said not to send you until he clears the ones already there, he didn't want you undoing the work he's already done. Between the insubordination, the fights, the harassment..
****-***: harassment?!?
Col. Courage: You where taken off motor pool detail for greeting people with "who want's a mustache ride?"
****-***: well YEAH!
Col. Courage: is that...that thing even within spec?
Shockblast: sure it is... this meatball watched Tombstone for 3 weeks straight to copy Sam Elliot's 'stache perfectly
Col. Courage: and you are your boots in such disrepair because of your undocumented wildlife?
Shockblast: Stanley? Dunno what you're talking about
Col. Courage: ****-*** as for that codename 118 submitted codename approval requests and not a single one can be approved... You cause such a ruckus with paperwork.
****-***: I like that.. "Ruckus"
Col. Courage and Shockblast (together): REALLY?!?
****-***: yeah it sounds like Fu-
Shockblast: of course
Col. Courage: MOVING on... You two have been remanded to my care until we figure out the best place for you, you will be working with others in a series of PSA's and reporting to daily counseling sessions with myself. Report to Hashtag for schedules...Dismissed
Ruckus and Shockblast get up to leave.
Shockblast half hanging in the doorway: One more thing, Sir... how is it that you got the codename Col. Courage when the guy that is also a Col. and last name is Courage had to take Smokescreen?
Col. Courage: Dirk? Col. Dirk Courage? He was conscribed 8 months after me, just timing..
Ruckus from the hallway: HEY I got a CODENAME! it sounds like FUC-
Shockblast closes door quickly : Whoop! Bud come on.
Col. Courage: What did I do to deserve this?

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