this is another salvage operation

I haven't made the snake part green because I only have the one.

Who ever had the heavy duty before had cut off the neck and a large portion of the back as well as saw him in half
I made an enclosure for the snake part to slip into using the back half a gung ho vest
The lower half is the legs and waist from a D.C. atom smasher baf i got at a comicshop.
I made the connector using a drywall screw sheath and hollowing out the existing waist joint
The waist gap was bothering me so I tracked down the collar from adventure team storm shadow's tiger to make the belt and cover the gap.

Rasp - Dino Raider

Among the oddities that have emerged from Cobra delving into superior weapon technologies, genetic manipulation ofr "venomization" and extreme cloning... the culmination of the three came with the Vyper Squad and their Dino Raider commander RASP.
Rasp rose through the ranks of the seemingly purely animalistic vypers by exhibiting the age old survival of the fittest, the strong rule by tyranny.

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