Gundam Model
R2D2 Head
Gundam Weapon Handle
Wheed Whip String
Gold Colored Wire

This is another custom I blame Kilcarr for, by introducing me to Gundam Models. This is not my original idea, but my take on what I found online.

Continuing on my Macross Panel Pen fetish, and also due to Kilcarr pointing out a sale on Gundam models on Amazon, plus a random custom I came across on FaceBook, I present my version of R2-BEAT-U; or as pluv likes to call it : BLEEPbeepBLOO LASER (or close derivative.) These 1:144 Gundam are totally buff 1:18 figures, and mesh seamlessly with GI Joe figures, if you're looking for Robots.

Basically a Macross model with some R2 replacement stickers from eBay.

This was my very first foray into Gundam.

And another soldier in my Blue Laser domination of the Red Laser Army.

Blue Lasers will Rise Again in 2019.

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