Coast Guard - Combat Helm and Wave Cutter Pilot

a replacement for '93 battle corps Cutter and a salvage job

I had a split and mauled lt. stone upper torso, a snake eyes v1 mid section and a shattered stormshadow lower

I rebuilt them into on figure, added lt. stone's holsters, a duke v1 vest and arctic duke lower legs, epoxy sculpted the missing portions of the crotch and added glasses and mustache for this Cutter clone

Towline is the Driver of the amphibious vehicle called the WaveCutter - a cargo carrier, coastal defender, bay troller, and all terrain troop courier.

Towline is known for loosing hats and complaining from that moment on until they return to base. In many ways it's a luck thing, once he looses his hat, you know something has gone sideways. It's his "I gotta bad feeling about this." Unlike Cutter or StrikeZone, Towline is not a big fan of Baseball. He often gets irritated by people confusing the three of them just for the mustaches, and being CoastGuard... "Not every Army guy is Duke y'know?!"

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