Head: ARAH Talking Battle Commander Hawk
Chest/back: ARAH Recoil
Arms: ARAH Flint V1
Waist: ARAH Doc
Upper legs: ARAH Scoop
Lower legs: ARAH Footloose
Rifle: ARAH Recondo
Cougar: Playmobil


Tigor was a member of Brazil's Fera Force. Tigor came with a big feline figure- the card art showed a Tiger, but the figure looked more like a cougar.


The Recoil chest/back and the Scoop upper legs match the Estrela figure. I used the Hawk head and the Flint arms so it wouldn't look so much like Recoil. The Recondo rifle had an ammo clip that matched up pretty nicely to the sculpted ones on the chest, so it was used. The chest/back is a great example of Hasbro's ability to showcase details. There's so much detail on it that adding a backpack would have hidden some of it, like the rope tucked between the two canteens.

Colors & Paint:

Tigor's uniform is an orange/red spray mix. The cap is also painted to match the uniform since it's not a helmet like the Estrela figure. The face is painted as being unshaven, mostly to look less like Hawk. The open chest is painted as a t-shirt instead of an open chest. The webgear/grenades/ammo clips are painted as different colors, with the ammo clips painted to match the weapon.

I didn't think about the cloth wrap on the Recondo rifle until after I had spray painted the figure, so I had to try to color match the the wrap portions with acrylic paint. This wasn't really possible because the red and orange spray paints don't blend to make a red-orange color, so much as its red spray dots mixed with orange spray dots.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The elbow rivets and thigh screw insets are epoxied smooth.

About the cougar:

Does it have an official name? I don't know. The cougar is, of course, a Playmobil figure. The Estrela feline figure was painted more like a cougar, just a flat tannish brown color. But it was clearly a tiger on the package art. Choices, choices. If I were honoring the intentions of the package art, I would have painted it as a tiger. But sometimes laziness wins, so it's painted as a cougar.

Thanks for looking.

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