Body is a Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Catwoman with a 1/6 wrist joint to replace the broken elbow, part of a jungle Snake Eyes grenade for the chest valve, a mego scale Jubilee head, mask made from a Storm Shadow hand claw with the middle claw and handle trimmed off and attached to a frontal assault Duke mask.

Replacing the Major Altitude v2 from the pilots mail away set is M.A.S.K. character Vanessa Warfield from VENOM

Backlash -

When the cache of ISO-13 when critical and decimated the Boulder Hill complex many of the agents of M.A.S.K. and VENOM where in the fallout. Among them at the outskirts of the blast zone MASK agent Brad Turner was fighting with Vanessa Warfield when he saw the blast wave approaching. He made a split decision to use his mask's mirage and her feedback backlash power to try to shield them. It worked partially... seemingly Brad was vaporized from the blast and for a moment Vanessa flickered out of synch with corporeal reality then back, a single moment to avoid the effects of the iso-13. What become evident later is that Brad is stuck in an incorporeal form that only Vanessa can interact with since she is his tether to this plane. If he moves to far from her then he begins to fade from all existence. Grateful for saving her, she works to get him back in this world while still operating with the other effected VENOM agents.

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