Snowstorm v3 - WhiteOut

Arctic Night Ops

finishing out the SnowStorm trio

head and vest are from a rescue hero, trimmed the chin down to a bushy beard, rest is mostly a samurai snake eyes
shoulder pads from sigma strike duke

To finish off the Snowstorm trio I called up White out from the REAL AMERICAN HERO line a simple but dirty repaint rename of Snowjob is now my Arctic Night Operations specialist.

WhiteOut -

Leonard Lee is known for drawing heat, he knows it so well having grown up on the edges of the unforgiving Nevada Desert. His time as a publish editor gave him insight on exactly how to dig deep and push forward get to the root of a problem, then make the right call on what to leave open to exposure. There is calm in the cold dead of night in the arctic that many will never know, this is where Whiteout thrives.

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