battlefield cobra commander
crime boss destro lower legs
bioncle skullbasher mask
lt stone beret
stormshadow belt
weapon part from create a superstar randy orton
skull off savage land angel or joseph from toybiz

I had the bioncle mask in the wrong bin and stuck it on the blue cc so i wouldn't lose it until i got back in the right bin...and leaving it out I glanced at it again and it all clicked... found the black cc and dug out a crimeboss destro for his legs, fished out and repainted the wwe create a wrestler randy orton weapon and top him off with a stone beret and he's done...

The belt and skull are from my graveyard kibble box. The belt is from storm shadow and the skull is off a toybiz savage land angel figure i got when kaybee toys was still in the mall like in '96

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