Head - Grunt
Arms - Steeler
Torso, waist, upper legs - Clutch v2
Lower legs - Cobra Commander

Helmet, headset - Breaker

Sparrow is the co-pilot of the STORCC transport plane, a custom designed to fill out the ranks of the 1982 Joes, given them some much-needed equipment. Since he would have been released before the second series of figures in 1983, he's made only from parts that were already available. His filecard information is below. Those versed in obscure Joe lore may recognize his file name. So this figure fills more than one hole in the Joe universe.

File Name: Ruthel, Wayne
Service Branch: Air Force
Rank (Grade): 2nd Lt (O-1)
Primary MOS: Generalist Pilot
Secondary MOS: Aircraft Maintenance Officer
Birthplace: Shingle Springs, CA

Graduated: Ait Training Command, SERE School. Qualified Expert: Model 15 pistol, XM177 carbine. Qualified Pilot: C-20B Gulfstream III, KC-10 Extender, C-130H Hercules, AC-130 Spectre, AC-130X STORCC.

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