Head - Footloose
Arms, legs - Crankcase
Torso - Tele-Viper
Waist - Frostbite v7

Helmet - Footloose (accessory pack version)
Suppressed Uzi - Marauder Inc.
Belt - Crosshair v3

I wanted to do a figure that takes some elements from both the vintage and modern version of Claymore, and which maybe tones down the rather bright orange of his original outfit. I used parts from Crankcase because the arms match the original's quite well (which used Flint's arms), and the legs make good generic military legs. And most importantly, I have a small pile of spare Crankcase figures to draw parts from, so I'll use him whenever possible. I painted the camo pattern to roughly match the original, and the black t-shirt is drawn from the modern figure.

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