3D Print from J_man
Stickers from J_man, Star Wars Playset

This GNK-series power droid is utilized by the staff at the Ft. Wadsworth Motor Pool as a way to keep the various vehicle and weapon systems powered up. The 'Gonk has the equivalent of a robot vacuum brain, going around a pre-programmed course to hit every vehicle, every day. It does need human intervention to attach the power cables to the various implements. Finally, when the job is done for the day, the 'Gonk heads back to the HQ for an overnight recharge of it's power cells.

This custom came about because I was goofing on the name one day ... and it snowballed into a 3D print from J_man, as well as some 'nose cone' inspired art that I saw in the cassette case from the band Tora Tora. J_man printed me up a couple of Memphis Belle stickers, and some left-over RAMJet and Star Wars stickers finished it off.

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