Head - heavily modified Star Wars Death Star gunner & Roadblock retaliation
Torso - modified Marvel figure (wolverine ?)
upper Arms - Destro v1 25th
Lower arms - Destro v2 25th
Legs - modified Nemesis 25th
jet pack - lego parts and styrene
wings - scratch build from styrene

So here's another left field custom from the cartoon series. Serpent-Man from DIC cartoon 1990 episode "Injustice and the Cobra Way". This year with the Pyramid of Darkness customs, I wanted to do another obscure character from the cartoons. Since he has a very distinctive look, I had to do some major sculpting on the head, torso and legs. I wanted also to keep the same look for the wings that I scratch built, on top of this, those colors really scream 90's.

This character is in fact, Cobra Commander disguised as a super-hero.

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