Head: Retaliation Firefly
Helmet: AVACslab cast
Torso, arms: RoC Aqua Viper
Hands: PoC Shock Trooper
Legs: ROC Snake Eyes

To man the Shadow Moccasin, I looked at several figures that I could make. Bucky planned on making Copperhead, so I wanted to make some troops. Initially, I was planning to make a couple of customs based on 2001's Sub Viper. I built them and was satisfied with the recipe, but as time went by, I could not find the motivation to paint them. I set them aside for another time and started thinking of an alternate solution.

Fortunately, while rummaging through my fodder bins, a simple solution appeared. I had some leftover RoC Aqua Viper Officers that had donated their helmets to Star Viper customs. I started with that black body, ordered some Lamprey helmets from AVACslab, repainted the red parts to blue and presto - night operations Lampreys.

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