Head: 30th Renegades Duke
Body, arms, legs: DG Cobra Commander
Backpack: 25th Crimson Guard Fred
Helmet: AVAC cast
Rifle: Vintage accessory pack

I have been thinking a lot about the Valor vs Venom era "Infiltrate Cobra Island" set. This set has always intrigued me. I started collecting as an adult shortly after this set was announced and cancelled, so I had not heard about the story behind it until many years later (Thank you Mike T. from Forgotten Figures for posting the whole story on his blog).

For the Night Force project, I decided to change the makeup of the team. In addition to Agent Faces, I thought Chuckles would make a great character to infiltrate Cobra Island. I toyed with having him dressed as various Cobra troops, but settled with the Shadow Guard. I figured that he would disguise himself as a trooper that would have higher security clearance to access sensitive areas of the base.

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