Head, sword, and axe: Schliech tiger man
Tail: Schliech with 25th Hit n Run neckball
Torso and arms: HACKS Bezerker Gorgon
Waist and legs: HACKS knight blank
Armor: HACKS Royal Ruby Creator Kit with Wolverine Origins Deadpool harness
Shield: HACKS Royal Ruby Creator Kit
Blaster: fodder kibble

After seeing the 2018 Power Con exclusive Mythic Legions' Cowarros, a tribute to the Masters of the Universe Cringer and his alter ego Battle Cat, I wanted to make a 4" version. I kept parting it out and then BossFight would release another figure or accessory kit to make it more playable. That just left color matching the hands, feet, and chest rig to the armor. Two hours later I had the recipe, 40% crimson, 40% silver, 19% copper, and 1% black.

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