Mola Ram Sacrifical Cup - Head
Army of Darkness Pit Witch - Torso, Hands
Army of Darkness Deadite - Arms, Legs

Another Infected COBRA to go along with my Left4Dead and State of Decay Zombies.

I FINALLY got around to starting State of Decay 2, but haven't had as much time to REALLY get into as I'd like. Seems like a good time to try to finish up making figures of the special infected from the SoD world, or "freak-types" as they're referred to in game.

These guys are an annoying but clever addition to the shambling horde in game. A lot of the fun is mowing down large crowds of zombies with a vehicles, but if you're not watching the road you might run over one of these guys and end up with a cloud of bile and rot choking you inside your car.

These in-game model for this type of zombie is actually naked, just reinforcing my idea that nekkid zombies are scarier.

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