Conrad "Duke" Hauser - Legs
Airraid - Torso, Arms
Firefly - Head
Astro Viper - Helmet
Imperial Death Trooper - Flight Pack

If he weren't already called Shadow Viper, I don't know if I would have tackled this one. The color scheme is great, but I never quite got how the filecard related to the figure shown. I started to think of them as specialist Astro Vipers design for EXTREMELY high altitude drops, kind of like a mini one man stealth bomber designed to quickly soften a target's defenses. The Star Wars backpack felt like a solid update to the old flight gear (another patented "just turn it upside down!" fix) and after that a lot of the figure came down to making sure it could squeeze into the snug space between the guns. I considered adding some of Ragin' Spoon's Astro Viper gear, but I felt like the base torso really captured the look of the harness as is, and any additional gear wouldn't fit into the tight space of the flight pack. A simple but solid update of a figure... but now I want an Astro Viper version that matches the parts.

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