Low-Light - Base figure
Resolute Firefly - Vest
Resolute Ripcord - Knees
Steve Rogers - Leg Guards
The Corps! - Gloves
Restraining Pole - Leia in Boushh Disguise, Sgt. Airborne
Stun Baton and Holster Hook - The Corps!, Captain Piett, Snake-Eyes

I had originally thought these guys were going to be Cobra K9 units, even painting up some dogs in Cobra blue, but the Wardens looked way too geared up to just be worrying about dogs. Then I started thinking about them as handlers for the Para-Psytes, and realized they probably had to deal with ALL of Cobra's weird wild-life, from feeding the Hydro-Viper's manta rays to hosing down Monstro-Vipers.

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