Helmet/Visor - ARAH Steeler
Head - SW Hoth Rebel Trooper
Body - Kickstart
Holster - custom 25th Steeler

After seeing Oreobuilder and HissHissFangFang's custom O13 figures, I decided to update my custom Steeler. The original recipe included primarily a Kickstarter figure with a Star Wars Hoth Rebel Trooper head. The mandatory part for any Steeler custom, to me, is the vintage ARAH helmet and visor. This piece is what really makes a "Steeler" custom.

So, for the update, I painted the armbands and part of the neck post gold. I also painted the leg straps black and added MTF large, black pockets. I also wanted to make a working shoulder holster. I cut off the 25th holster, leaving just a bit of the top and bottom of the holster attached to the straps. I then thinned the holster tabs down to paper thin which were then glued to the back of the MTF holster.

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