Head/Helmet - POC Cobra
Body - POC Cobra Shocktrooper
Knees - 50th 3pk Outback

This is another custom from my "Blue Shirt Legion" project. Also, this guy represents the "anti-Rock n Roll" of the Cobra Legion. This is an idea I've borrowed from fellow customizer HissHissFangFang. There is actually a Cobra Machine Gunner firing an M60 in Marvel animated commercial #19!

Originally, I swapped out the knees from the Cobra Shocktrooper with the 50th 3pk (Wolf Squad) Outback. I thought the smaller knee pads looked OK for a variant Cobra "blue shirt" trooper.

I glued the MTF ammo bandolier to the chest, which allows the Cobra emblem on the left side to show. The bandolier is flexible enough that it doesn't hinder the arms. I painted the helmet Citadel Macragge blue to better match the dark blue uniform.

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