Avacs Lab Conan Head
Zaps Neck Pegs
Orc tooth Necklace
Upper Body Boss Fight Vandar
Lower Body Boss Fight Basic Orc
Feet Boss Fight Barbarian Shoes

Vallejo Medium Skin Tone
Apple Barrel Burnt Umber

"Conan, what is best in life?"

"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."

This was a fun build. Conan the Barbarian is a must have to fill the ranks of any fantasy action figure collection you may have. I got the idea when I saw Boss Fight Studios Vandar figure. I figured that with the proper head he would be a quick custom to become Conan. The head sculpt I used is from Coby at Avacs Labs. It's a great sculpt. I ordered a Boss Fight Studio Vandar figure and also ordered Zap Rowsdowers Male Neck Pegs off Shapeways. First problem I came across was skin tone. The color I chose for the head sculpt did not match the Boss Fight figure so I repainted the entire figure. The paint I used was Vallejo medium skin tone. Also, I know the eyes are not perfect. But since I see Conan as a crazed barbarian, I feel that they are okay. He has that crazy look to him. So, I put the painted sculpt on the figure and it looked good but it was still off somehow. I then realized the pants had to go. Even though I remember seeing Conan the Barbarian wearing some type of pants in pictures Arnold's muscles are what stands him apart from the rest. I swapped the legs with a Boss Fight Basic Orc figure, primed them and painted them also with the Vallejo medium skin tone paint. The sword sheath is leather and custom made by me. I will replace the sword when I find a suitable replacement broadsword. The tooth necklace is also from the Orc. I took a photo for comparison of Conan next to a factory Vandar and a generic Barbarian. There is also a photo with Red Sonja because she is awesome. Enjoy!

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