Medicom Oscar the Grouch
Pine strip
Flick Trix bike
Kinder Joy bike
Lego chain
Playmobil bucket
Maisto signal light

While peeling potatoes again, Flash had an idea for the upcoming Fort Wadsworth Open House, an public event for local civilians. He thought making an astromech droid out of recycled trash would be fun. Grandslam came up with the idea of making it an animatronic Oscar the Grouch. Hawk signed off as long as they only worked on it on their off hours.

Before they knew it, Scarlett was working on the sign. Snake Eyes chopped some 2x4's. Steeler and Stalker found some wheels. Breaker practically had an entire Radio Shack's worth of electronics, cables, and wires in a random box. It was a huge success and the kids loved it.

A quick build during some Mother's Day crafting.

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