Body and web gear: RoC MARS trooper
Helmet: RoC MARS trooper modified with SW Rebel soldier goggles
Head: MTF with Ripper ponytail
Leg pouches: Retaliation Joe Trooper backpack
Jetpack: Micro Force Acrocleve with MU Wasp wings x 2

Henchman 21 here was just supposed to be another generic SPHINX Trooper. I decided to add the goggles to one of the helmets as an alternate to make it look like there were more troopers than jus tthe one.The MTF head was just a placeholder. The more I looked at all the SPHINX troopers I realized I had to make 21. I gave him the bigger vest (in lou of a bigger body), the pouches on his boots, his pony tail and even his Horde wing pack.

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