Soundwave head: NS Bombstrike
Soundwave upper arms (shoulders): Star Wars- Lyn Me
Soundwave hands: NS Red Spot
Soundwave waist: NS Baroness (anime-ish version)
Soundwave rest of body: NS Baroness (more standard uniform version)
Soundwave pistol: Star Wars- Padme ???

Ravage head: Star Wars- Battle Droid backpack w/kibble
Ravage body: Playmobil deer
Ravage paws: Star Wars- General Grevious
Ravage tail: Playmobile panther


The 2013 SDCC Baroness w/Ravage is a thing of beauty. A thing of beauty I can't drop a dime on. So I'll just make customs to fill the character slots. I'm also not a huge "Transformers and Joe in the same universe" guy. Instead, Ravage is a semi-autonmous robot (but NOT a Transformer in the robots-from-another-world sense) that is being developed by Cobra. Just a cat-like robot. Its handler isn't the Baroness, but a (human) specialist codenamed Soundwave.


Made mostly of New Sculpt parts, Soundwave is named as a nod to the Soundwave G1 Transformers action figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The oversized Baroness shoulders were replaced with slimmer Lyn Me ones. This loses lateral shoulder motion, but keeps the swivel and hinge movement at the elbow. Well worth it to improve the proportions.

The undersized Baroness hands were replaced with the larger Red Spot hands, even though they aren't symmetrically sized.

Colors & Paints:

For Soundwave's color set I couldn't find anything I liked. I considered going for black, but it was obviously too Baroness. Going with the color set of G1 Soundwave was an option, but I wasn't feeling it. I ended up going with a light blue uniform with a metallic grey wash to punch out the details. And uncovered shoulders just to mix it up. Soundwave's eyes are the same color as Ravage's.

About Ravage:

I was going to use an entire Playmobil cheetah, until I saw that the deer body actually looked flatter and much more sinewy. The deer body was one from the 70's or 80's, when Playmobil animals were more abstract in design. Adding the cheetah tail and the General Grevious feet to the deer body gave the overall look. Switching to a deer body also makes Ravage look more like a robot designed by humans to get around as best it can, which might involve making a form that isn't entirely feline in its shape. The feet were too large compared to the body, so the body was cut at the midpoint and extended with kibble from an Iron Man launcher. The ears on the head are the extra claws cut from the General Grevious feet.

The head is a Battle Droid backpack, looking more like a catfish than a cat, but it works in some strange way. Some more glued-on kibble and Ravage was good to go.

Thanks for looking.

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