Head: Star Wars- Grand Moff Tarkin
Chest/back: Adventure People (bearded guy who probably trains bears)
Arms: NS Cobra Commander (2002, V13)
Hands: ??? (probably Star Wars)
Waist, legs: NS Destro (2001, V7)
Snake: 25A ???


For 2019, the GI Joe Collector's Club last year with licensing rights, it did something fun. It took set names from the 1970's and warped them into new figures/characters. Coils of Doom, a playset, was warped into "Coils O'Doom", a MARS mercenary. He's also implied to be the father of GIJCC figure Crimson Asp, who shares his look/feel and color set.


Based on the GI Joe Collector's Club figure, but working mostly in the glorious New Sculpt format, plus some Adventure People goodness.

When I make my versions of GIJCC figures, I avoid using 25A/Modern Era parts. Shifting to different formats avoids the custom feeling like an "imitation" instead of a true custom. I almost went with a NS Stalker chest/back for this figure, but that Adventure People chest looked so much like the ROC Storm Shadow jacket that the GIJCC used to create Coils O'Doom that I couldn't resist it. The oversized Cobra Commander arms create the look of a thick and oversized jacket, especially with the hands replaced by smaller ones. The legs were used because they plug into the upper body thanks to the horrible t-crotch design.

I also avoided using an ARAH Cesspool head and went with a Grand Moff Tarkin one.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the GIJCC figure.

The cobra packaged with the Club figure appears to just be a solid chunk of red plastic. According the internet, there are red cobras. To match their real world appearance better than just solid red, the custom snake is red over orange over red, washed with black, and then a metallic red finish, plus a gloss coat just for good measure. Real world red cobras also have some black/grey banding below the head, but I ignored that because sometimes nature is stupid.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The hair was volumized with epoxy and the neck was cut shorter to sit on the neckball. The face is slightly de-aged with epoxy, and has a reworked forehead.

The shoulders sockets were widened and modified with epoxy to accept the arms. The torso was cut at the bottom of the jacket to accept the t-crotch/legs. The pouch on the right leg is a push mold from the ROC Ice Viper vest.

Thanks for looking.

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