Head: Star Wars- Weequay
Chest/back: NS Rook
Arms: NS Cobra Commander
Hands: NS Cobra Commander (t-crotch version)
Waist, legs: IJ- Indiana Jones
Feet: ROC Storm Shadow
Jacket: DCIH- Commissioner Gordon


No Face was a villain in the Action Man line, with more design elements from Darkman than anyone at Hasbro would probably care to admit.


The base figure featured an open chest with damaged, stripped away skin. I went for more of a "loaded with cysts" look.

Colors & Paint:

The original No Face figure featured blue-grey skin with purple areas. This was probably an attempt to keep the flesh from looking too gruesome for a kid's toy. Here, I've opted to make it look more like rotting/stripped away flesh might look, with a base of flesh tone wetbrushed with red and purple, plus some spots. The rest of the colors are based on the original figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The cysts are seeds glued on the skin areas.

Thanks for looking.

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