Dr. Mindbender:

Head: ARAH Dr. Mindbender V1
Chest/back: ARAH Airtight
Arms: ARAH Lightfoot V1
Waist, legs (to boots): Star Wars- Ric Ollie
Boots: 25A Barbecue
Helmet: Imaginext figure


Body: Dollar Tree dog
Tentacles: cut from Imaginext creature


Dr. Mindbender in a biohazard suit. When I made my Flying Scorpion custom the legs were the byproduct. They lacked knee articulation, but I liked how the bagginess of the pants looked with the bulky Barbecue boots. I worked backwards from there. The Airtight chest/back was a given. Throw an Imaginext helmet over a Dr. Mindbender head and you're set. There are different Imaginext helmets better suited for a biohazard suit, but I went with what I had on hand. Sometimes compromise is bad. But sometimes it forces you to go in different directions, and out of your comfort zone. Not a bad thing for this design.

Colors & Paints:

I considered many color sets, but went with purple because it is Dr. Mindbender. Had to be purple. The Imaginext helmet is just a bit too large, which is obvious because there's no shoulder armor to downplay or offset the size. So it's painted mostly black to make it look as small as possible.

I painted the head to look more realistic for a bald man in his 50's. A few blemishes and age spots.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Barbecue boots were added to the Ric Ollie legs. The chest/back and the waist were blended together with epoxy sculpting. The helmet portion of the Imaginext helmet/chest plate gear was cut out. The hollow area around the helmet was then filled with epoxy to look like crinkled biohazard suit.

About Fido:

Why not give Dr. Mindbender a creepy science pet? Repulser has Dawg, so it's reasonable that the Cobra's lead scientist would have something even crazier. The design element that makes it unsettling isn't that the face is replaced by tentacles, but there isn't a face at all. In some pop culture science fiction with similar heads, the base of each tentacle might have a quarter of the face. A "pop apart" face, as it were. Here, there's just no face.

Black and red is always a sinister color set, so black for the fur and red for the "mouth" interior. The black and red are carried over to Dr. Mindbender for color continuity.

Thanks for looking.

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