Head: Star Wars- Qui-Gon Jinn
Chest/back: NS Range Viper
Upper arms: ROC Dusty
Lower arms: ???
Hands: NS Snake-Eyes (V14)
Waist: NS Viper
Legs: NS Snake-Eyes (V17)
Pistols, rifle: Marauder, Inc.


Cobra Blackjack was one of the Amazon Kindle Worlds characters in the 2015 contest to pick a figure. Though a solid character, Blackjack didn't win the competition. The look is loosely replicated here using NS and 25A parts. The Qui-Gon Jinn face is a decent match for the artwork. The Range Viper chest/back has muscle-blocked armor, plus wide shoulders to offset the double shoulder holsters.

Colors & Paint:

If Blackjack is the Baroness' bodyguard, it seems the character should be an Iron Grenadier. However, the character was fully named "Cobra Blackjack", so I went with Cobra colors. The design calls for double shoulder holsters, but the legs I used already had sculpted guns on each. The gun on the right leg is larger than a pistol, so I left it alone and painted it metallic grey. The gun on the left leg, though, is painted yellow to indicate it might be a controlled energy weapon of some variety. The metallic purple on the scarf is to help distinguish Blackjack from other basic Cobra soldiers and give the character a touch of sophistication.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The long hair was chopped off of the head. The hairline was moved forward and reshaped, and also a tip added to the beard at the chin, with stray hair strands made of hot glue. The scarf around the neck, the shoulder rig, and the holsters are sculpted. The Hasbro art features Blackjack wearing a triangular neckerchief around his neck. Because I sculpted that kind on my Sightline figure, which also used a NS Swamp Rat/Range Viper chest/back, I went for a stylish "infinity loop" style scarf instead here. The holsters are sculpted directly onto the pistols and are not removable.

The lats were ground flat so the holsters would rest better against the torso. To correct the short front/back, a spacer was added above the belt line. The midriff is epoxy sculpted to fill the gap, with wire replacing the o-ring (since the figure can't be opened in the future to replace it). The feet were a bit pigeon toed, so they were cut off and re-angled to correct this.

Thanks for looking.

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