Head: '83 Duke
Chest: '82 Clutch
Arms: '85 Tele-Viper
Waist: '84 Mutt
Upper legs: '82 Stalker
Lower legs: Comic pack Duke


1997 was the year Hasbro plopped out the "Stars and Stripes Forever" set. It featured ARAH-parted versions of most of the OG13. Some featured the original pieces, others were hobbled together out of completely different (and usually horrible) parts. The spectrum ranged from amazing (Stalker) to what-the-what?! (Breaker and Rock 'n Roll).

This is the first of my Stars and Stripes Forever II set.

Five of the OG13 were excluded. Those five were Clutch, Flash, Grand Slam, Hawk, and Steeler. Shortly after the Stars and Stripes Forever set, Hawk did get a repaint after the line's relauch. But it was of the second Hawk figure, from '86, and didn't visually reference the original '82 look in any way.

Since there were more figures in the Hasbro Stars and Stripes Forever set than this custom one, I will also be sliding in a "bonus" figure.

The project here was to complete the set in the same way that Hasbro might have. Those is a large dose of early Marvel weaved into the parts selection.

Each figure features at least a piece or two of '82 OG13 goodness mixed into their bodies. Clutch uses the original Clutch front/back pieces.

I used none of the original heads, instead going for ones that felt right for the characters. They were the most important part of the recipes.

Clutch's first ARAH head never felt right for the figure, maybe because it was a shared head. Clutch usually had slicked back hair and a goofy grin, two things for which the '83 Duke head is notorious. Drop a five o'clock shadow over it and it's surprisingly close to the comic book.

Colors & Paint:

Clutch is done in a cold blue/grey color set that be considered an urban uniform. Grand Slam will also be done in a similar color set, as they might team up when the VAMP would pull the HAL.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The jawline was thinned down and tapered. The spit curl is sculpted from hot glue.

Thanks for looking.

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