Entire upper body: Storm Shadow (v18)
Entire lower body: Either Dreadhead Cletus (v1) or Otis (v1)
Paints used: Tamiya Field Blue (mask) and collar, Tamiya Desert Yellow (gi lining, arm bandages, boots), Tamiya black (belt), Mr. Hobby Acrysion Flat Red (Pelvic area)

NOTE: This was originally a factory error figure from China that came like that, with Storm Shadow's upper body, a Dreadhead's lower body, and a sword. I did NOT take apart a convention-exclusive figure for this. It came like that, with the pelvic area unpainted.

File Name: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Espionage
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA

A direct descendant of the Takatsume family, one of the Arashikage clan's branch families, subject returned to his ancestral country of Japan in his mid-teen years to train in the clan's fighting and espionage arts, eventually inheriting his family's ancestral sword "Takatobi-Maru". After five years of training, he betrayed the Arashikage clan out of a lust for power, joining the Red Ninjas. When working with international clients, he adopts the codename "Eagle Claw", an English translation of his surname.

After years of working alongside the Red Ninjas, Eagle Claw realized the error of his ways and betrayed them, sabotaging a Cobra operation. He sought to join G.I.Joe, and has worked with us on many occasions, but whether he can fully be trusted is still not entirely clear.

In addition to his ninja skills with traditional Japanese blades, Eagle Claw also displays proficiency with assault rifles, holds a ranking black belt in karate, and is skilled in, appropriately, eagle claw style kung fu.

"Some of us still have a hard time trusting the guy due to his history with Cobra, but once you've seen what he can do with that sword of his, you'd best keep that to yourself."

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