Head: Angry Nomad Customs shrink
Torso: BFS Elven Ranger
Arms: BFS Knight
Fur wraps: BFS Barbarian
Cloak: Golden Compass and Prince of Persia hybrid
Legs: BFS Elven Ranger blank

My fantasy verse is basically a prequel verse to my EXCAL contemporary verse (where all modern characters co-exist, Joes included). The fantasy verse doesn't have a direct line to all those characters, but certain of the protaganists and themes date back to this time.

I'm not using a Game of Thrones mythos directly in my fantasy verse, so Ned will probably get a slightly different name and back-story. I am mostly thinking he will be a Ranger like the Blackthorne character I posted, who has a territory in the Kingdom to patrol on his own, with his sons aiding the effort.

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