Head: NS Blowtorch
Chest/back: Star Wars- Han Solo (unfrozen)
Arms: NS Destro
Waist: NS Viper
Legs, feet: ROC Storm Shadow

Design & Paint:

Once GITrekker showed that the GIJCC unofficially cameoed Dr. Benton Quest and Race Bannon in one of its comic books, I was intrigued. Other customizers, including our own Dr. Bindy, have set the bar high with some wonderful Jonny Quest figures.

My approach centered around using the fantastic NS Blowtorch head. It's quite a gem of sculpting. Lantern jaw, furrowed brow, and with a realistic hairline receding at the edges. A pensive stare, but without being brooding. It might be the best sculpted head of the entire NS run. The other parts, when painted, are close enough to the cartoon design to work for the character in current day. The belt pouches give Bannon a little extra grit.

The customs I've done of Jonny, Hadji, and Jessie all push them forward by about 12 years. So Race gets the same treatment. There are some age lines added to the head.

Painting the glove "mouths" as the cuffs of the sleeves on the Destro arms helps give a unique look to the weird cowboy-ish shirt Race Bannon wears. It also allows for the buttons to be painted white, visually pulling the arms and chest/back together even more.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Cobra symbols were removed from the gloves and the belt buckle. The pin holes at the elbows and knees were epoxied smooth. The torso was lengthened to even out the proportions, with a "spine" of wire replacing the o-ring.

Thanks for looking.

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