Body, helmet: 25th Comic 2Pack Breaker (except per below)
Upper legs: 25th VAMP Clutch
Head: Retaliation 3-Pack Mouse
Webgear, headset: 25th Comic 2Pack Breaker (webgear repainted)
Backpack: vintage Breaker, modded back peg
Weapon: MAC 10 (POC Desert Battle Snake Eyes)

Webgear, boots, straps, retouches: Testors Flat Black
Buckles, Knifeholder: Citadel Leadbelcher, Citadel Runefang Steel

This figure is part of my GI Joe OG13 25th Classic Set, one of seven OG13 sets in my collection.

Breaker for this set is basically the Hasbro release with a few tweaks. Upper arms shaved at bit at the elbow for increased range. I don't mind the longer sleeve length of the Duke figure, though it didn't exactly match the original vintage figure.

I also prefer non-bearded comic version over the bearded version of the vintage figure and cartoon. Like the Hasbro 25th version, I went with a 5 o'clock shadow compromise between the two versions. And although I love the bubble gum accessory, I don't like the way it blocked the face for most views and pictures. The bubble gum accessory is saved for my 25th Comic Set figure.

For the head I wanted to try a different sculpt than the one given by Hasbro, and found a worthy substitute in the Mouse sculpt. It fit the large Breaker helmet (needed for the headset) and had a neutral non-grimacing expression similar to the 25th Hasbro head.

Finally, I felt Breaker finally needed to have an OG13 signature weapon, apart from pistols and standard M16s. I felt the MAC 10 would be perfect, since it was relatively small, and was called out on his original file card (another file cared reference weapon, check marked off the list). Part of putting together this revised 25th OG13 set was to give everyone a unique weapon accessory that had some basis from that time, and some actual reference-either file card, card art, or comic appearance/reference.

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