Head: 25th Mutt
Torso, upper arms: PoC Steel Brigade
Lower arms: 50th Viper
Upper legs: PoC Junge BAT
Lower legs: 25th HISS Driver
Vest, hat: Marauder MTF

I made DEF customs of most of the main team in 2013 for my Battle Corps Month project. Recently, while sorting my customs and re-arranging my shelves, these guys got put in the "to upgrade" category. I still like the core of those customs, but they were made almost 5 years ago now before I had access to certain parts. Also, I have improved as a painter since then. For the heck of it, I took a stab at improving their builds.

For Mutt, the Kamakura legs that I originally used are not the same length, so he was always standing with one leg off to the side. Also, the shin padding was too angular. HISS Driver lower legs look more like the original figure in my opinion. Other parts that were changed are his forearms and hands, vest and hat. Color wise, he got a complete redo that more closely matches his vintage colors.

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