Head. Mirage v1
Chest. Beach-Head v1
Arms. Salvo v1
Waist. Hardball v1
Left thigh. Hardball v1
Right thigh Big Brawler v1
Feet. Sub-Zero v1

Rifle. Baroness v4
Backpack Unknown

Code name. Toombs
File name. Berquez, Lincoln S
P.M.S. Urban warfare specialist
S.M.S. Rifleman
Birthplace. Brownville, Texas
Grade. E-5 (Sergeant)
S.N. BLS0-170-5019

Never been to the US I just do a lot of research off the internet for bio for my customs I wanted to do legs like this for an urban figure.

Toombs father is a gravedigger & caretaker at Brulay cemetery the family is known to everyone in the area. At 9 years old Toombs friends & family gave him his nick name Toombs everyone did it as a joke but the joke was on them as he loved it as Toombs can be found helping his dad at the cemetery.

At the age of 15 he started to stay out late some time all night as it turn out he was learning how to survive in urban environment from the homeless & ex-military he has also save other people lifts after be stabbed & just a thank you from them was enough for him.

At 19 he was still using his skills & has become a full blown adrenaline junkie what he didn't know that GI Joe was interested in his urban environment skills ability from the people he had learned from.

At 21 the last challenge for adrenaline rush was to join the US arm force so he went for the army he stayed for years Until General Hawk gave him a spot on the joes.

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