Body - 1992 Toy Biz X-Force Forearm
Head - hand sculpted
Weapons - Rock Viper rifle, Sonic Fighters Zap's Sonic Rocket Launcher, Alley Viper rifle, and Destro v3 gun.

I just recently got back into customs. I dug out my old customs, and I'll slowly start to upload them here. This is the 1st of my old customs that I'm adding and I feel like it needs some context.

I started, as I'm sure a lot of us did, with gaming miniatures in the mid 1980's. My 1st actual custom figure would have been around 1990. Looking back, I see 3 distinct era's.

The Early Years. Basically I was trying everything. Mostly focused on Superheroes. Any idea was worth a try. Definitely a time of throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

OldSkool, at some point, probably around 1995, I switched from mostly Superheroes to mostly G.I. Joe. This was the bulk of my custom output and lasted for a decade or more. 1995 to 2005 give or take a year in either direction. My goal was to fill in holes that I felt Hasbro missed, and push things as far as possible, no matter how crazy the idea was.

And NOW. I took a long break for a lot of reasons. I have a different approach now, and a stronger grasp of the art form. The goal now is to seamlessly blend my work with the existing line.

This is Thrasher. He is from my OldSkool era. Pretty self explanatory once you know where he came from. Tomart's Toy Magazine did an article on unproduced G.I. Joe concepts, Thrasher was a mock-up Star Brigade Alien. I don't recall if he was identified as a Manimal or a Lunatrix alien, or something else entirely? Regardless he was a figure I wanted, and it was clearly made out of an existing Toy Biz X-Force Forearm with shortened legs and a newly sculpted head. So that's what I did. I just tried to match it as closely as I could.

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