Entire upper body: Storm Shadow (v18)
Pelvis: Ace (v6)
Legs: Either Dreadhead Cletus (v1) or Otis (v1)
Paints used: Tamiya Field Blue (mask and collar), Tamiya Desert Yellow (gi lining, arm bandages, boots), Tamiya black (belt), Mr. Hobby Acrysion Flat Red (lower body)

NOTE: This was originally a factory error figure from China that came like that, with mixed parts from Storm Shadow, Ace, and Cletus, and a sword. I did NOT take apart a convention-exclusive figure for this. It came like that.

File Name: Takatsume, Robert S., III
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Espionage
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA

A direct descendant of one of the Arashikage clan's branch families, subject is the third in a line of Japanese-American soldiers, being the son of a Vietnam vet, and the grandson of a 442nd Infantry Regiment member in WWII. He continued the tradition himself after two years of training with the Arashikage clan in Japan in his late teens. After finishing his first tour in Afghanistan, he betrayed the Arashikage clan and joined the Red Ninjas for unknown reasons, working for multiple clients including Cobra. It was during this time that he adopted the codename Eagle Claw, the literal translation of his family name.

Eagle Claw eventually left the Red Ninjas and enlisted in G.I. Joe not long after. Despite the apparent loyalty he has shown to the cause, some of his own brothers-in-arms still distrust him due to his history with an enemy faction.

In addition to his ninja skills with edged weapons including swords and knives, Eagle Claw also displays proficiency with assault rifles, holds a ranking black belt in karate, and also incorporates techniques of a kung fu style named, appropriately, eagle claw fist.

"Some of us still have a hard time trusting the guy due to his history with the Red Ninjas, but once you've seen what he can do with that sword of his, you'd best keep that to yourself."

Changes from previous version: Camo is now painted over, and backstory is now altered. Please ignore the first version, which is now "Version 0".

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