Whole figure: V17 Snake Eyes
Sword: G.I. Joe weapon lot from ebay
Paints: Mr. Hobby Orange (mask, collar), Tamiya Black (guns on leg), Tamiya Black Green (arm bandages, visor)

Idea behind this is how little can take me a long way. All I painted was the mask, collar, arm bandages, and the guns on his sides.

I kept the grey uniform because even though Tiger Claw's own gi is a sort of greyish-green, I always remembered it in my mind as more of a grey. But the green is alluded to anyway with the arm bandages. Besides, orange and grey make a nice combo.

I also painted the guns on his sides black, because the silver stands out a bit much IMO.

The other idea was that I wanted to customize a VvV Snake Eyes figure into either Kamakura or Tiger Claw, as this concept of one of them reaching his level. Specifically the V17 mold because I like how the shirt looks like a martial arts uniform (despite it looking more Chinese kung fu than Japanese ninja, but whatever, it still looks cool), and the mask with the shades is still a cool look. So it really emphasizes the combination of a traditional martial arts warrior and a modern soldier.

Why Tiger Claw? Well, the last G.I. Joes I ever played with as a kid were the Ninja Battles figures at a friend's place because he got them as a bday gift. I remember liking the idea of Tiger Claw as a new apprentice for Snake Eyes after Kamakura, and the included DVD implying that he was going to go on whole new adventures with the team and all that, and I thought it was cool.

Then they scrapped the Spytroops-VvV line for Sigma 6, I lost just about all interest in Joes, and then I come back to see they never did anything with him. Shame. Guy had potential.

So here's my own "Tiger Claw (V2)", representing Tiger Claw once he's reached a higher level in his ninja training, and made a name for himself in the G.I. Joe team.

A far cry from the idealistic rookie who defended the Iron Master's forge from the Cobra ninja forces, Tiger Claw has proven himself as one of a new generation of Arashikage ninjas and G.I. Joe commandos. Like his master Snake Eyes, Tiger Claw combines the traditional ways of the ninja with practical modern warfare tactics and skills. When not on missions, he is one of the organization's top instructors in hand-to-hand and close quarter weapons combat. More than a few greenshirts credit "Tiger Claw-sensei" for their newfound love of swordplay.

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