Head: Star Wars- Director Krenik (Star Wars Geek cast)
Torso, arms to gloves: 25A Cobra Diver
Gloves: Star Wars- Chicken Walker Driver
Legs to boots: 25A Tiger Force Flint?
Boots: Star Wars- Anakin Skywalker


Santini would have been in the cancelled Mego Eagle Force wave. The description of the character on Mego Museum is brief, but it talks about his circus abilities. So I assume the character might have been used for infiltration, where tightrope walking and similar skills would be useful.


The tight-fitting wetsuit for the "circus top".

Colors & Paint:

Metallic gold for the top, as described by Mego Museum. And for the bottom half, my take on translating the metallic gold of the original figures to a camouflage pattern.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is a cast by Star Wars Geek. The short arms of the Cobra Diver were corrected by adding the Chicken Walker Driver gloves. The cargo pocket is sculpted and the thigh screw insets are smoothed with epoxy.

Thanks for looking.

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