Head - Ace
Arms, torso, waist, legs - Clutch (reproduction version)

Carbine - Hit & Run (modified)
Helmet - Grunt etc. (accessory pack version)
Backpack - Airborne (accessory pack version)

I received a set of Red Laser custom figures and decided to use them largely for parts, sometimes combining them with parts from a set of White Elephant Toyz figures as well. There were a number of nice brown parts, so this figure is the result of piecing some of them together.

File Name: Hope, David V.
Birthplace: New York City, NY
Service Branch: Army
Grade: E-5 (SGT)
Primary MOS: Cavalry Scout (Pathfinder)
Secondary MOS: Armour Crewman (Army Reconnaissance)

Warpath is exactly the kind of guy you'd expect for a native of Brooklyn who went through US Army Armor School in Fort Benning. He's boisterous, he's loud-mouthed, and has a raucous sense of humor that makes him welcome company among anyone who needs to relieve some stress. He grew up living above a motorcycle repair shop, so he learned to speak loudly from day one, and can make himself be heard even with a column of M1 Abrams rolling by. In the field, he likes to moves quickly, even over rough and unforgiving terrain, and is always eager to get business started with the bad guys by lobbing a grenade into the enemy position, sowing confusion to set up an armored strike. He figures that a few well-placed shots are always worth more than the best-laid plans.

"They don't call him Warpath because he's a gentle soul. He's always got something to say, and usually has an exclamation to finish off his thoughts, like a POW! or a WHAMMO!, to emphasize how strongly he feels about everything he says. He's always ready to make something go boom."

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