Head: HACKS bald blank with Ms. Marvel hair (painted)
Body: Hiya Wonder Woman
Arms: HACKS (modded shoulder discs)
Armor and skirt: HACKS
Legs: Uppers: MU Shanna; Lowers: MU Captain Marvel
Lasso: Gold Memory Thread (per Adrian Veidt recommendation).

In my world of modern customs (which I call EXCAL based on a fictional pre-Justice League setting where heroes from all licenses interact), Wonder Woman exists side by side with other heroes, G.I. Joes included.

My story has evolved to the point where most characters kind of exist within their own realms, but the edges of the stories are blurred to accommodate different backstories.

This figure for me is important as a long time Justice League fan. It's my third or fourth attempt and I feel I've finally got it right. The Hiya figure was independently disappointing, but as a starting point for this figure, it's perfect.

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