All parts and accessories: Hot Soldiers HS13 Gold Fly Bug (third-party Goldbug)

This custom Goldbug is a paint upgrade of a third-party toy, since it's more cartoon-accurate than Hasbro product (other than Masterpiece toys, of course, which are too rich for my blood.) Any 80s toy line worth its salt is going to have chromed parts. So I used Molotow liquid chrome ink to chrome the front and back bumpers and hubcaps. The original toy was pretty much all gold-coloured (except the head), since the G1 toy was that colour. But the G1 toy was just a block of plastic with no detailing, so I wanted more colour in this custom. I painted the upper legs, biceps and hands a blue colour to march the head, something like later versions of Goldbug had, and of course added the Autobot symbol to the chest, since the figure does not come with such a thing lest Hasbro sue them into oblivion.

Goldbug has appeared in every GI Joe and Transformers crossover to date.

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