Head: Copperhead (v1) 1984 - modified
Torso: Backblast (v1) 1989 - modified
Arms: Dodger (v1) 1987
Waist: Super Trooper (v1) 1988
Legs: Hardball (v1) 1988

I used Revell Aqua Color paints for this custom. I made a three color digital camo tactical trousers and repeated the theme on the shoulder pads and the helmet to tie the custom together
I painted Agent Faces' (v2) 2003 shotgun in "steel" and a simple two tone digital camo, to give it a similar "feel" as the rest of the custom.

I used Backblast's neck to create a neckball joint to modify Copperhead's head. The torso is modified with a cobra logo and an interactive side arm holster.

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